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High Performance Purge

Streamline your databases to reduce cost and maximize performance.

Enterprise class storage is a critical component of the business application ecosystem. As data growth continues to increase significantly, it is essential to ensure that your overall storage footprint is optimized in order to maximize the performance of the applications and various systems which rely on the underlying storage systems.

Many packaged applications lack holistic archive and purge solutions, and they often struggle to deal with extremely large data sets efficiently. Cybernoor's High Performance Purge Program uses in-memory and parallel processing algorithms to purge data that is no longer required. This reduces your storage costs and allows your systems to run efficiently, delivering optimal performance. Implementing a holistic purge policy can also streamline application upgrades and minimize upgrade cycle windows.
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Cybernoor High Performance Purge Solution

Cybernoor's solution can purge millions of records per hour and can elastically scale using our parallel processing compared to standard purge programs which run for days and sometimes weeks.

Cybernoor is the leader in Application Performance Management
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