System Reviews

The Cybernoor System Review entails a comprehensive analysis of your existing Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Hyperion, and Siebel systems, which enables us to identify the advantages and shortcomings in your current infrastructure.

Cybernoor brings best practices and time-tested methodologies that have enabled our customers to maximize the overall stability and performance of their systems.

For Oracle E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft implementations, we assess key implementation components and recommend steps to ensure your business processes and flows are optimized. As part of our services, we also review all tiers of the applications implementation to ensure maximum efficiency. Once we complete our System Review, Cybernoor delivers a System Review Report that thoroughly documents findings and recommendations.

The System Review includes:
  • Full assessment of current applications environment
  • Review the key business flows and processes.
  • Application server tier
  • Database tier
  • Operating system
  • Network and storage
Based on the assessment, we provide a detailed report that includes:
  • Summary of findings
  • Identification of key problem areas
  • Recommended options to improve performance of key business processes
  • Recommendations to optimize your systems and applications

Client Testimonials
"We signed on with Cybernoor for a two-week engagement and soon into our partnership, their depth of knowledge and skills got results we had never seen before. They can deliver the best user experience solutions. In addition, Cybernoor really roots into the system so that we can customize it in accordance with our needs."
Fortune 500 Electronics Company
Cybernoor is the leader in Application Performance Management
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