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Database Request Manager

Leverage the Cybernoor Database Request Manager to stabilize performance.

With today's complex and hybrid systems and explosion of data that systems are tasked with handling, dealing with ad hoc queries and user requests can be challenging. When many users are interacting with complex databases and systems, unconstrained systems with few or no controls often lead to runaway queries and sessions that disrupt operations and cause an overall degradation of performance. In some cases, these runaway requests can severely impact the system rendering the system virtually unusable. With Database Request Manager, you can create custom rules around ad hoc queries to keep your system running smoothly.
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Avoid runaway requests and optimize your system performance

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Poorly constructed queries tax your systems as well as often require manual intervention resulting in a temporary dip in availability or performance until manual action is taken. The Cybernoor Database Request Manager provides you with an automated method for reining in runaway requests, making it easy for you to stabilize your performance and manage your databases proactively.

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